About Hong Jue

Hong Jue, specializing in metal forming & coating and industrial PCs, is a customer-oriented company located in Taiwan. It is comprised of four business units that are categorized as metal, motherboard, component and system. The last is separately operated by its subsidiary, Kingdy Technology.

Starting its business from metalworking and well known by the clients from traditional manufacturing industries, Hong Jue also boasts its excellent chassis design perfectly bintegrated to Kingdy’s industrial Panel PC system, as well as its one-stop consulting and resourcing solutions from electronic components & parts to system integration to assist industrial PC manufacturers and system integrators in reducing their purchasing time and costs.

Under the belief that clear market segmentation and positioning can offer more professional and comprehensive services to clients, Hong Jue has devoted itself for a long time to providing diversified and customized industrial PC products and services through its three electronic business units: motherboard, component and system (Kingdy). That is the right competitive advantage differentiating it from its competitors and benefiting to its clients.